Bill Watterson: Before Calvin, in the College Years

I’m a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes and can honestly say that I’ve spent entire days looking at the comics. It’s cool to see Bill Watterson’s other works which include a more college-oriented subject. One strip has a guy walking down a path as two females lurch away from him and two other dudes with a heckling smile point and laugh with the caption, “Uh oh…I have this feeling I went to a party last night.” Here’s to Bill Watterson and the ooze and nudity that prefaced one of my favorite comics of all time.

Rare Bill Watterson Art :: For the Calvin Connoisseur.


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I'm a graduate of Saint Lawrence University where I got my degree in Global Studies major with a focus on European and Islamic Studies. I'm particularly interested in Muslim immigration in Europe. I use this blog when I'm bored or if I find a lot something interesting. I spend an inordinate amount of time online and thought it's time to post a collection of my favorites for friends to view.
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