Omark. Oilers. Shootout. Glory.

Rookie from Sweden playing in his first game with the Oilers against Tampa Bay. He picks up an assist earlier in the night and the Oilers give him the nod for the game winning attempt. What follows is a bit of slapstick humor and rookie showboating that, in my estimation, will have this kid dropping the mitts in a few games. Tampa Bay’s take on the matter? “Disrespectful.” You don’t need Tampa Bay’s respect with cajones like that, kid. Good work.


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I'm a graduate of Saint Lawrence University where I got my degree in Global Studies major with a focus on European and Islamic Studies. I'm particularly interested in Muslim immigration in Europe. I use this blog when I'm bored or if I find a lot something interesting. I spend an inordinate amount of time online and thought it's time to post a collection of my favorites for friends to view.
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