Cut Down your Social Network Addiction

I find myself constantly embattled with the conscious decision to distance myself from Facebook and maintaining the connection to people I couldn’t otherwise keep contact with. What that basically looks like is clicking the facebook bookmark about 4 to 5 times an hour and noticing that nothing has changed since the last time I clicked the link. Then I just feel dumb for having no self control and end up making rash decisions like deactivating facebook to solve the problem. If that sounds like a problem you might have I can offer you a solution. Here’s a website that will limit your use of a website so long as you have ti as a bookmark. You can set your preferences so that you give your access to the site only one per hour, per half hour or any increment of time you see fit. This is especially handy when you have a deadline to make and no motivation to get it done. The website is called KeepMeOut.


About twogirlsonestone

I'm a graduate of Saint Lawrence University where I got my degree in Global Studies major with a focus on European and Islamic Studies. I'm particularly interested in Muslim immigration in Europe. I use this blog when I'm bored or if I find a lot something interesting. I spend an inordinate amount of time online and thought it's time to post a collection of my favorites for friends to view.
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