Awesome Way of Painting

Cool concept, awesome result. It’s worth checking out the vid.

A pedestal has been setup and a range of different colored paints poured into coffee cups you usually see people carrying out of a place like Starbucks. The paint is then poured over the top of the pedestal and allowed to run down the sides. One color just looks like a mess, but add several and then start repeating them and you end up with something that looks quite stunning.

Holton Rower coffee cup painting



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I'm a graduate of Saint Lawrence University where I got my degree in Global Studies major with a focus on European and Islamic Studies. I'm particularly interested in Muslim immigration in Europe. I use this blog when I'm bored or if I find a lot something interesting. I spend an inordinate amount of time online and thought it's time to post a collection of my favorites for friends to view.
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