Remember Those Chilean Miners?

You probably saw a million of them running around on Halloween but you may not have known how badass that costume actually was, until now.

Collegehumor Chilean miners

The 33 men rescued from a Chilean mine were smuggled drugs and pornography during their time underground, but their request for inflatable sex dolls went unmet due to a shortage.

A new book disclosed that the men’s request for sex dolls was denied because their doctor was afraid jealousy could spread after only 10, rather than 33, dolls were found.

Franklin also said that the men thought about cannibalism as they ran out of food, that pornography and drugs were sent down to the miners and that the live TV feed was interrupted to obscure what was really happening on two occasions.

So you’re stuck in a hole for 69 days…what do you do? Masterbate and get high, of course.

Here’s the link to the story.


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