Walt Disney’s Sin City

Damn, that looks good. I happened to really like the movie Sin City, despite some acclaims and fan blogging that would suggest otherwise. Maybe it was Jessica Alba’s ass up by a stripper pole. Maybe it was the comic-book feel and quick characterization. Actually, it was both. Girl’s got a nice ass, respect. What do I love more than comic books and asses? Disney. Seriously, no lie. Ask Rance Davis.

It was senior week after a long night of drinking and I was in my room in Jencks with Cory Peterson. We were already in a festive mood and had a lady companion in the room that we were serenading with off-key renditions to pop songs. Your typical dance party…until we hit the Disney playlist. An hour straight of your classic Disney songs ranging from Circle of Life to Bare Necessities. We poured more wine, got the grind going and, before long we were up on chairs and tables belting out our favorite parts (the only parts we knew). Well it was at this point we didn’t realize security at our door, knocking about a noise complaint and a broken vending machine in the common room that we had no idea about. Well, the girl hear it and freaked out as she was not supposed to be on campus so she scampered out the back window. Undisturbed by the disappearance of this girl, Cory and I sang on. The party continued as one of the female security officers rolled around to our back window to investigate. It was at this moment that Cory picked up a chair, threw it across the room and stomped it into a thousand pieces. Having seen this, the security officer sprang into action (during which I was holding an imaginary Simba up on Pride Rock) and busted through the window. With the music off, we opened the door to find 4 security guards outside ready to give us the third degree about the vending machine and the broken chair.

We both got written up in a security report, having been the only two people to answer the door about the vending machine, and they tried pinning it on Cory. Regardless they had him for the chair and we were called in to Rance’s office for punishment. We stroll in and already there are two sheets of paper face down on the desk, one for each of us. Rance began, “So what were you doin’…havin’ a Disney dance party at three in morning…breaking chairs and breaking vending machines?”

Well Rance, a Disney dance party never needs a reason. End. Of. Conversation.


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I'm a graduate of Saint Lawrence University where I got my degree in Global Studies major with a focus on European and Islamic Studies. I'm particularly interested in Muslim immigration in Europe. I use this blog when I'm bored or if I find a lot something interesting. I spend an inordinate amount of time online and thought it's time to post a collection of my favorites for friends to view.
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