About Me

I’m a huge fan of sleeping in parks, chewing gum in the shower and writing post cards. I look up often, either playing the cloud game or noticing something weird about the ceiling. I love girls who get their eagle on and Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. I chop wood in the morning and believe in divine intervention. I’m the first to notice badunkadunks in the front (fupas) and know that the Danish word for “pussy” is “fi sa.” I count to three using my ring, pointer and pinky finger. I’ve rocked a handlebar mustache after 4 and a half months of growing it out and sincerely enjoy mayonnaise. The letters “J” “K” and “M” apply mostly to every single ex-girlfriend I’ve had.


2 Responses to About Me

  1. Vivian says:

    Hey, saw you on 8tracks! Noticed you’ve lived in Denmark, Copenhagen??
    Btw i’m from Denmark, just kinda cool, you’ve lived here. And just so know the actual word for pussy is “fisse” ;-)..

    Well, just wanna say,

    Xoxo Vivian//

    • haha very cool. You learn something new every day, “fisse”…makes sense. Yeah I lived in Slagslunde for four months with a host family. Traveled to Bornholm for a weekend, Malmo, spent a weekend in Kullaburg abseiling down the cliff side into the Baltic. It was an amazing experience. If you want to follow me in real-time check out my tumblr at tokillaseparatepeace.tumblr.com.

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