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My 500th Post!

Can you believe it? I started this blog as a way to procrastinate my way through what would be maybe a few hours of work a day. To think, I turned those mere hours into an extra semester worth of … Continue reading

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Rail Gun

This is a motherfucking railgun. The damn thing goes mach 5 out of the cannon and can travel up to 4 miles AFTER PUNCHING THROUGH A STEEL WALL. Fucking ‘ell. It’s essentially a one mile per second projectile.

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Underwater Freefall

World champion freediver Guillaume Nery special dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest blue hole in the world filmed entirely on breath hold by the french champion Julie Gautier. This video is a FICTION and an ARTISTIC PROJECT. Edited by … Continue reading

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USA vs. Islam

The lead in should say enough to get you interested.

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