Happy Birthday, Godwilla

Remember, remember the 5th of November; Godwilla – The Reasons, and shots; I know of no reason why his birthday season; should ever be forgot.

Happy birthday Willy Mo. We may not be in school anymore but we’re always celebrating with you. As my gift to you and to everyone else I’m posting all the videos I could find of you here on TGOS. Hope all is well and you can take a birthday shot better than the several horrible attempts from ‘Elephant’ (I actually couldn’t find this video online anymore so if someone knows the link or has a copy send it my way).

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Guy On a Buffalo Series

I’ve posted this video on a few friends’ walls but I think it deserves a place in the TGOS archives. The series is called “Guy on a Buffalo,” using movie footage from the 1978 movie ‘Buffalo Rider’. Jomo Edwards, as narrator, of the Austin-based sardonic honky-tonk bluegrass band, The Possum Posse, combine with superb editing for a hilarious story…about a guy on a buffalo. He finds a baby, fights cougars and indians, quarrels with buffalo trackers, and hell, you even get to see a buffalo kick a wolf in the face. There are 4 separate webisodes with a two part finale (episode 3 and 4) so you’ll want to block off the next 20 minutes or so to watch them all in sequence.

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Project X Movie Trailer

From the director of Old School and The Hangover, ‘Project X’ is your typical teen comedy/drama about a kid who throws a party at his house and invites unrealistically attractive people. They go on to party all through the night with various acts of debauchery and illegality until, eventually, the police intervene and the kid is essentially fucked. I can only assume he gets away with it in the end but I have no way of knowing this until I see some more footage. It definitely hearkens back to the wild highschool years when drunk driving, gravity bongs, kegs in the backyard, grad parties and live bands out in a cornfield were pretty much par for the course.

Here’s the TwoGirlsOneStone twist though – The lead actor is Thomas Mann, an up-and-coming actor who gets his first big break in a fairly large-scale movie. Warner Brothers is the studio in charge of this one so expect it to go mainstream fairly quickly. The twist? Well I just so happen to be pen pals with his sister. Yup, that’s right. It’s still early in correspondence and, honestly, I had no idea she was related to anyone of fame when we sparked up a chat. So far her celebrity circle has gotten her close with a ton of people, most recently Zooey Dechanel’s husband, Ben Gibbard. I don’t expect you to know him but it’s just recently been announced the two will be getting divorced.  This, coming after my pen pal saw Gibbard, “incredibly happy with her (Dechanel).” The divorce is still going through, prompting many to believe that the starlet’s new fame on her hit show “New Girl” has given her a second look at her young marriage. And now you know!

So, ya, I’m a pen pal to this actor dude’s sister who lives in Richardson, Texas. As the movie gets more hype I’m sure I’ll have more to report in the way of celebrity insiders (because you all care very, very much). In the meantime she sent me the trailer to hype it up to my friends…so here it is on TGOS.

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The Human Slinky

My favorite part comes around the 2:30 mark. You can’t not watch a man in a slinky costume with crazy colors set to boop boppy music. And you’re high…

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Zach Galifianakis Stand-Up from 1999

via Buzzfeed

Yep, still funny back when we were 10. Yep, still has a beard.


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Youtube at its finest

When you come across a video of a pony-tailed blonde girl pumping electronic beats and doing a Jiang sword dance routine, viewed by her lounging grandmother in sun-blocking sunglasses and seemingly barely alive, only to have a butterfly knife-wielding brother join in choreographed splendor YOU CAN’T NOT POST. Take note of how to set up a viral video – the picture hanging on the door of a farmer’s boy in a straw hat (turned eerily in side-profile), an overweight hot-dog-looking dog that aimlessly walks into the line of sword fire, an old school boombox blasting a build up and the brother bringing a beer to the aged grandmother. Holy shit, how has it taken the internet this long to get so perfect?

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This is the weirdest boner I’ve ever had

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On top, always and forever.

How does that make you feel?

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Reporter says the building is coming down in 5 minutes

But this is an 11 second clip, so you know he’s wrong.

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Bass Cannon Cats

Slow motion shots of cats jumping in slow motion to Bass Cannon by Flux Pavillion. It’s every bit as good as it sounds.

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My Halloween Costume

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Creepy Bunny

Happy Halloweekend!

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Really old woman talking about…something

“Oh I meet girls like me at the internet and eat cows every night and morning. Get up in the morning and fart on the clock and give ’em lice and my dad, he go back and get a painful rash.”

Leave a comment if you think you can decipher this better than I could.

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The Push-Up Video you’ve Been Waiting For

“Im Manny adams, who wants to see some push-ups? Pop your popcorn…I’M DOING PUSH-UPS.”

Watch for the “Two-gun Teddy,” Stay for the creme brulee.

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Phantom Water Edit

All images shot on the Phantom HD Gold using a custom underwater housing. Red Epic underwater reel coming soon.

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