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New Footage from Mount Titus Weekend

Our good friend Charlie Reetz captured some dynamite footage of the railjam from his steady cam and excellent recording device. As always, the edit is sick as hell and deserves some credit on twogirls. Check out what you missed, or … Continue reading

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Highlights from mustachio Bashio 2010

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Aqueous at Mount Titus

I took a little footage from the Aqueous show last night at Mount Titus for Saint Lawrence’s Second Annual First Ever Mount Titus North Country Global Cool Down Weekend. I can’t promise that it’s any good, let’s be honest, I … Continue reading

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Like a Little

This website blows. Just another reason/excuse for people to bury themselves in a virtual reality instead of accepting realistic terms that you can’t just log onto a website, post your crush and get instant feedback or validation. The real world … Continue reading

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St. Lawrence’s Own, Grace Potter

With Joe Satriani performing “Cortez the Killer.” Check out 5:01 for a very, very excited Grace Potter.

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Henry Ginsberg

Another SLU artist that I have the pleasure of seeing “on the reg” is Henry Ginsberg. I always enjoy his guitar style and comforting tone. Believe it or not, the song was written by the dude himself, played by him … Continue reading

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This video is of my friend who we used to call “Screagle.” For those of you that don’t know it means screaming eagle. How does one perform a screaming eagle? Simply sit down for a bowel movement only to realize … Continue reading

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